Clients of Blockchain в Москве

A magnificent event will take place in China in December - the 2nd International Blockchain Conference organized by Sessia. Buy a ticket to Macao and ... enjoy the luxury of communication with colleagues from different countries, keynotes from experts and successful entrepreneurs with more than one million dollars under their belts and all the joys of this festive city!

Why do you need to be there?

Until now, Macao has modestly remained in the shadow of its nearest neighbor, Hong Kong, a mega-popular tourist destination. Meanwhile, this former Portuguese colony, and now the special administrative region of China, has a rich past, a brilliant present and a clearly promising future.

Macao is a legacy of European culture, a mixture of Western and Eastern traditions. Macao is a fast, trendy, crazy, unforgettable city, as well as an important commercial and financial hub.

Here’s where you will meet Sessia’s President Narek Sirakanyan, communicate with speakers who have earned more than $60 million via crowdfunding, discuss interesting projects and enjoy the final round of the "Miss Blockchain" beauty contest (https://missbchain.com)

But even this is not the main thing! The 2nd Clients of Blockchain conference is one of the most important events in the cryptoindustry world, and will provide answers to the question of how and where to invest your money in order to get the maximum profit in the digital market.

All the details about what the program and travel details are available at https://clientsofblockchain.com/ru 

It's crucial to invite the businessmen you know and other free-thinking and decisive people who are ready to take up an independent business challenge to this large-scale, thought-out and professionally organized event. This audience can and should become an additional incentive for the growth of your business.  

As you join the cryptocurrency market with Sessia, you get the chance to take your business to a new level. From the B2C model, where all your work is based on your relations with clients and partners, you get a chance to take a leap to the B2B step and start working with other businesses.

Over 2,000 people took part in the first meeting in August in Moscow, while 6,000 more listened intently to the online broadcast… But why tell a story when we can show you? Watch the video in the attached file and applaud with us!

We’re waiting in Macao for all our ambitious, successful and motivated friends!