Blockchain – the way of storing information, decentralized digital database, where transactions, commercial documents and contracts are stored. The main characteristic of this technology is that its architecture does not allow for making modifications in information that has been saved, i.e. the information is protected from fraud once the transaction has been made. The system of digital currency is based on blockchain technology.
Client ID – a unique ID, assigned to each user of Sessia. Each client ID has a QR-code.
Cryptocurrency exchange – specialized website, where cryptocurrencies can be bought, sold or exchanged. The accounts are anonymous, they can not be blocked, and payments can not be cancelled.
Crowd sale – the way of raising money for technology projects. During the crowd sale, companies sell their tokens for other cryptocurrencies or real money, and later spend the proceeds on development and promotion of the project.
Client – anyone who is using the Sessia app.
Cryptocurrency – is coded information, program code, which can not be copied.
Cashbacks – a reward for a purchase. Paid in kicks.
kickbacks – a reward for recommendation to make a purchase. This reward is available in kicks.
KICKS – cryptocoins that are used by Sessia to pay Cashbacks and commissions to clients. Kicks can also be traded on the exchange. Kicks can be bought or sold at any moment.
Post – internet-message with a photo or video, which is posted on the Feed in Sessia.
QR-code – unique ID represented by the matrix barcode, which is scanned by taking a photo on your smartphone. Each client ID has a QR-code.
SESSIA BUSINESS - business version of Sessia. It is used by the companies to offer their clients all business instruments of the Sessia app.
Social marketplace SESSIA – where our app is used.
Scanner – the function of scanning the receipt and data processing in the Sessia app.
Wall – the page which features news feed in the Sessia app.
Tokens – cryptocurrency, digital currency of the companies, which is issued to be traded on cryptocurrency exchange. It can be used as a cryptobond.