Official app for the brand's clients with a functioning online store, elements of a social network and an integrated privilege program
COFFEECELL offers natural products and drinks with 6-year-old white imperial ginseng an prepareed using a unique recipe
Established in 2007 and has more than 160 000 customers in the USA, Vietnam, Germany, Austria, Uzbekistan and other countries in Europe and Asia.
Buy ginseng
and products based on it
at a profit
Online reports
Keep track of all
and activity
in the app.
Get bonuses
for your purchases
and recommendations
News feed
to learn of offers
and discounts from the brand
Keep track of your
bonus account,
withdraw funds
A universal assistant for purchases and communication
The COFFEECELL app helps the brand's clients buy products with white imperial ginseng with maximum benefit, use the advantages of the loyalty program and reveal talents.