An app which will help an owner and its pet better understand each other, with an online store function, elements of a social network, an integrated loyalty program and a map of services for pets

is premium pet food with hypoallergenic insect protein and the root of six-year-old imperial ginseng

The project launches in 2022. {br}Until 2025, it plans to enter the markets of 10 countries which are part of the Freedom International Group ecosystem.

Social network

invite your pet's friends and post on your pet's feed


save when you buy premium pet products

Loyalty program

get bonuses for purchases and subscriptions, save up UME points, increase their status and get extra services for your pet


quickly find professional pet care and services


keep all the documents in one place and always have them avaialbe

The UME app helps you to better
understand your four-legged friends
and choose the best for them

Because they are
just like us